Hiring Openstack expert in Tehran

The زیرساخت فناوری اطلاعات و ارتباطات پاسارگاد آریان in Tehran (District 3, Jordan) invites qualified residents in Tehran province to apply.

Male, Female
Work Experience
Not important
Job Type
Full Time


  • Expert and strong understanding of Openstack main components like Neutron, Nova, Glance, Keystone, etc.
  • Experienced in KVM administration
  • Expert in Linux administration.
  • Being familiar with RabbitMQ, Mysql, Ceph,Prometheus, Git.
  • Expert in Containerize and Virtualization technologies.
  • Experience in automation with Ansible.
  • Being familiar of network concepts (OVS, Iptables, Routing, NAT, etc.).
  • understanding of storage concepts (Block/Object storage services).
  • Flexible to work with different technologies.
  • Being familiar with infrastructure as a code.
  • Experience in automated tests and CI/CD.

Working Hours

saturday - wednesday 8 A.M to 4:45 P.M


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Other Benefits

  • ساعت کاری

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